Growing Green

Environmental issues such as conserving our natural resources, developing alternative energy sources, and shrinking the size of our environmental footprint have never been as important as they are today. For those of us in the construction field, these concerns bear particular significance, considering that over half of the solid waste generated in this country comes from construction and demolition debris!


As environmental awareness has been rising, there has been a burgeoning movement among builders and suppliers to operate in a more eco-friendly fashion. There are countless resources, and organizations dedicated to providing assistance in everything from waste disposal, material recycling, and renewable energy. Four Brothers has implemented a two-pronged strategy in an effort to “green” both our daily operations and remodeling projects.


INTERNAL OPERATIONS: Four Brothers makes a conscious effort to use environmentally sensitive practices during daily operations in our administrative branch. While this may seem trivial, we believe that every little bit counts. Steps we have taken include the following:

  • Purchasing power from renewable sources, and converting to energy-efficient appliances and light sources;
  • Purchasing recycled materials, and recycling materials internally;
  • Pursuing ongoing development and training in environmentally friendly building practices;
  • Carpooling amongst staff whenever possible.

DESIGN AND BUILDING: During the course of any remodeling project, Four Brothers can assist you in greening your existing home. Whether you are looking for a healthier living environment, hoping to lower utility bills, or reducing your carbon footprint, the Four Brothers team is equipped with the knowledge and means to guide this process. While “green remodeling” is often more expensive, it does not necessarily need to be. “Going green” does not happen all at once, but we encourage our customers to explore the possibility of including one or two green ideas or products in their remodeling project. Some areas to implement green building are the following:

  • Enduring design and robust building practices ensure a product which will last for years in your home — not in the landfill;
  • Placement and installation of renewable and recycled core building materials where possible;
  • Placement and installation of green finishes, such as low VOC paints, cabinetry, tile, flooring and trim;
  • Placement and installation of energy-saving subsystems such as insulation and heating/cooling systems;
  • Placement and installation of energy-efficient light sources and appliances;
  • Incorporating formaldehyde-free products;
  • Practicing deconstruction as opposed to demolition whenever possible;
  • Recycling and donating deconstructed materials;