The Johnson brothers – Ben, Alfred, Leroy and Kent – experienced a rather unique childhood.  They were raised on a collective commune where family values, healthy living and hard work were emphasized.  Eschewing many of the trappings of the world around them, their parents believed that an essential complement to a formal education was physical labor – lots of it.


oldphotoStarting in first grade and continuing through high school, each brother completed an extensive woodworking apprenticeship in the commune’s factory.  Expectations from their old-school German supervisors were high: nothing short of perfection was acceptable, and long hours every afternoon and during the summers were the norm.  Starting with sweep-up duty, each brother moved through the ranks: stacking wood, inspecting parts, machining rough lumber, assembling cabinetry and eventually product design.

Although each brother left home shortly after or during high school, by the early 2000’s, they had all settled in Washington, DC.  While working their regular jobs from nine to five, they spent their evenings and weekends on remodeling projects for homeowners they knew.  They quickly developed a reputation as trustworthy and skilled craftsmen, and soon their services were in high demand.


personal7Unable to keep up after hours, they launched Four Brothers, LLC as a full-time venture in 2006.  Their mission was simple: To provide a high quality end product, while delivering superior service throughout the process.  The company has quickly grown into one of Washington DC’s top design/build firms, with central offices and a showroom located at 4009 Georgia Avenue, NW.  This rapid growth can be attributed largely to two things:


  1. The growing team of motivated self starters that make up the company:
  2. The brothers commitment to seven core principles that guide the daily interactions of their team:


Four Brothers invites you to read through our website and would be delighted to discuss any of your design or remodeling needs!

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